It just sort of happened! We can’t pinpoint any specific date. It was the late 1980’s when we realized that more and more people were becoming increasingly aware of their health and wellness alternatives. We found that many people, including ourselves, wanted to achieve their greatest Personal Balance potential by accepting Nature’s technology, rather than synthetic pharmaceuticals, regarding their nutritional and health choices.

 We also found ourselves in that group of people who began to believe that a more natural approach, when possible, to important health and wellness issues, often provided better results, and in most cases, without the negative side effects and horrifying medical calamities possible with synthesized drugs and chemical based approaches.

We began a research and development process and started our journey, along with medical doctors, formulating pharmacologists, homeopathic practitioners and others from the traditional allopathic medical community, to find and develop new, safer, and more effective naturally sourced alternatives for optimum health.

We were fascinated with the introduction of new, naturally sourced, anti-angiogenesis, anti-mitotic, and immune-regulatory biological response modifiers in the treatment and mitigation of certain types of cancers, and we researched ways of making this technology available in over-the-counter (OTC) products.   We worked with a renowned MD and research specialist, formerly on staff at Columbia University, Our involvement in this area provided a major contribution for the publication “Jaws for Life, the Complete Story of Shark Cartilage” by Dr. Alex Duarte, O.D., and Ph.D.

Our continuing interest and research also found promising naturally sourced anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral alternatives and solutions for homeopathic as well as allopathic applications.  we formulated plant based, natural health alternatives to meet the demands of an increasing health awareness.

we introduced a natural progesterone cream for women in the early 1990’s which was featured in the best seller book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” by John R. Lee, M.D. Copyright 1996 by John R. Lee M.D. and Virginia Hopkins.

And our current Natural Progesterone Cream, FemBasis, supports hormone balance and is an effective alternative for women seeking a safer more natural approach to synthetic hormone replacement therapy, 

often referred to as (HRT).


And with the increasing use of chemicals, pesticides, and GMO’s, along with polluted air, water, and nutrient depleted soils, it becomes increasingly easier to understand the health concerns and necessity to optimize our naturally sourced lifestyle options and choices going forward.


This ongoing research and passion, for new and better natural alternatives, provided inspiration for the decision to name our company Natura Libra, which suggests “Nature’s Balance, “or “Natural Balance” which is an important consideration for optimum health and Personal Balance.


So here we are today. Natura Libra is a company dedicated to be an ever expanding source of new, efficacious and viable natural alternatives.

We continue to find exciting and promising natural health alternatives, literally, in all parts of the world. We “contract manufacture” our products utilizing the best labs, technology, and facilities available, wherever they may be, and we associate with already existing formulators and distributors of what we consider to be superior and effective natural based products. We don’t wish to simply “re-invent the wheel,” as some others continually do, and we don’t offer hastily formulated and/or “me too” products.

our passion is to always be ‘the best of the best’ and we know that personal balance is very important.


Thanks for visiting our Natura Libra Website. Check back with us often.