Natura Libra products, including FemBasis Progesterone Cream, are manufactured and distributed exclusively in the USA by Natura Libra LLC.

Unfortunately, many companies must often defend their products and reputation from fake and fraudulent product counterfeits. In addition, proprietary intellectual property including copyright protected content is often compromised illegally by those seeking to take advantage of legitimate business entities and their legal and ethically developed products and marketing platforms.

Natura Libra LLC is no exception. Our products, such as FemBasis Progesterone Cream, our website and its content, labels, design, formulas, and marketing materials are all the exclusive property of Natura Libra LLC. When detected, Natura Libra LLC will prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, violations and/or infringement of our intellectual property and copyright protected content.

Please be advised that the only places Natura Libra Products, including FemBasis Progesterone Cream, can be purchased are on this website, on our Amazon webpage, and from our selected distributors which are also listed on this website.

If you are offered Natura Libra and/or FemBasis products, or see product/label copies, on any other website, from any retail source not listed on this website, or from any other proclaimed distributor, you are encountering an unauthorized and illegal counterfeit offer. If you see a description of our products other than on this website, our Amazon webpage, or in our marketing and selected distributor publications, it is illegal plagiarism and should be avoided.

Please report any suspected violations of Natura Libra intellectual property and/or content to [email protected].

We always appreciate your help.