Nature’s own Natural Balance and Imbalance is all around us. The very rotation of the earth and its orbit around the sun is an excellent example of celestial order and balance. The flora and fauna found here on the earth thrive in a balanced environment and decline when ‘out of balance’ conditions exist. The weather we all enjoy, or loath, is in a continual state of flux, always attempting to balance itself. Our own attempts at personal equilibrium and harmony are often compromised by health, stress, uncertainty, environment, family and work issues.

The many components of Personal Balance, like mental, physical, spiritual, and purpose in life, are much like a chair. If one leg is missing or shorter than the others, it falls over or becomes wobbly, and if we are deficient in any one or more of these components, we likewise suffer from a diminished equilibrium and lack of the Personal Balance we desire. Like Nature’s Balance and constant re-balancing, Personal Balance, when achieved, is a state of equilibrium, of harmony, a feeling of well-being and peace of mind. It is essential to achieving our maximum potential regarding our health and quality of life.

The Hawaiian word lokahi, in general, means Balance. However, the concept of lokahi encompasses much more. In Hawaiian culture, the body (ke kino), the mind (ka mana’o), the spirit (ka uhane), and the world (ka honua) are all interconnected and are necessary to achieve a life balance. Considering the Chinese Taoist tradition, the Taiji (Yin/Yang) rose spontaneously from the Mu (pure void) and exists in constant flux seeking equilibrium. No matter what the language or the tradition, the universal message is that optimum health is a vital component in achieving Personal Balance and quality of life. And when considering health, wellness and personal care products, we believe in a more natural, versus synthetic, approach utilizing the natural balance found in nature’s technology. That is why our products are naturally sourced, balanced, and free of harsh chemicals, GMO’s, pesticides, pollution and synthetics.

That’s also why we always attempt to source certified organic ingredients, whenever possible, and avoid products grown in mineral depleted soils. We know that nature’s technology can help optimize your Personal Health Balance in a more natural way, and help you avoid the many negative side effects, consequences and personal health imbalance often experienced with synthetic health and personal care alternatives.

We want to inspire you to make changes and choices that will have a positive effect regarding your personal health and well-being. We are convinced we can help you optimize your health, and appearance and therefore your Personal Balance by providing balanced, naturally sourced, plant based and formulated, nutritional and personal care alternatives, products and concepts.

We hope you consider our products and services when you make your health, wellness and personal care choices.