Verified FemBasis Progesterone Cream Purchase   5.0 out of 5 Stars *****
I’m 44; peri-menopausal, & suffering from hemorrhagic & prolonged periods, which my dr. said is due to high Estrogen. When Progesterone was suggested, I bought 2 other brands. They both increased my bleeding & made it worse. Hidden chemicals I found out later on their labels were Estrogenic. ? Just got THIS one today, immediately applied it. Nothing short of a MIRACLE. Within a few hours, my bleeding has slowed down. Not only that, this cream is immediately absorbed. I couldn’t even tell where I had applied this cream! Also, I immediately started to just “feel better”, as if I’d taken a high quality vitamin. It must help the adrenals, as well. You also get a higher dose per pump. 30mg.!! This beats the rest that are only 20 mg. All natural ingredients; no parabens or Phenoxyethanol! Watch out for that 1, because most others have it, and it’s a neurotoxin. Everything in this is all natural. I wasn’t paid or endorsed for my review. I’m just a woman who desperately needed help, & I believe this cream is outstanding for the price. I hope to improve day by day using this cream, & I hope my review helps other women out there. It won’t change your hormones, it will only improve them! Thank you! ?


Verified FemBasis Progesterone Cream Purchase  5.0 out of 5 Stars *****
I’ve been trying a number of these related products on Amazon based on reviews. I’m turning 50 this year and have been experiencing annoying night sweats and have been looking for relief. Inability to sleep and wet sheets in the morning totally suck. The others I have tried are pill based and contain Black Cohosh (which was recommended by friends that are nurses) and they’ve been just ok. This cream has been the first thing that has worked right off the bat. NO night sweats at all and a restful evening. You just do one pump per day of this magical stuff and rub it on your inner thigh, leg or arm like a standard body cream. No odor, no greasiness. The bottle claims 50 applications, but I am sure I will get more.
These creams/pills are all fairly expensive, but I’m willing to pay for one that actually works. This WORKS for me and will continue to get it.


Verified FemBasis Progesterone Cream Purchase    5.0 out of 5 Stars  *****
I’ve been using this since March to offset estrogen-dominance symptoms I was having such as severe night sweats, mood swings, debilitating migraines, and shorter intervals between periods and break-through bleeding. This has been a lifesaver! This helped with my symptoms almost immediately, and after about two months of using it, I stopped having my period or any PMS related symptoms. My doctor affirmed that this is perfectly safe. If you are suffering similarly, I highly recommend giving this a try.


Verified FemBasis Progesterone Cream Purchase  5.0 out of 5 Stars  *****
This product has helped my hot flashes. I use it in the morning, then again at night. Almost scent-less, absorbs well into the skin, not greasy and it really works! Already purchased another.